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scotsdisctionary.JPG (11934 bytes) Learning how to speak fluent Scottish does not technically improve your golf game. But a mastery of this peculiar language, when used properly during a game of gowf, will so impress your playing partners, it cannot help but throw them off their game. Studying here each week can make sure it won't be you paying for the wee heavy (glass of dark beer) at the end of the game - this year. We guarantee it!
lowp To lowp (loup) is to leap or jump: Sink that putt and I'll surely lowp.
gravit In Northern Scotland its a scarf: Up here we need a gravit.
tea The main evening meal, usually taken about 5 or 6 pm: We're havin' steak for tea.
jalouse To jalouse is to suspect or infer: I jaloused ye'd be wantin your tea.
afore Afore means before: I'll get home from the pub afore you.
hooley A hooley is a wild party. The word was originally Irish, but is also used in some parts of Scotland. It sounds to us like the Scottish exported the game of gowf to Ireland and the Irish exported the fine art of partying to Scotland. Makes sense.

I'd throw a wee bookmark here if I was you - the odds are ten tae wan you'll be back again!

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